Gioteck HC-5 handleiding

Gioteck HC-5

Bekijk hier de Gioteck HC-5 handleiding. Het bekijken en downloaden van deze Headset handleiding is geheel gratis.

Please help to conserve the
environment by recycling the
cardboard packaging of
this product.
This product should NOT
be disposed of in normal
household waste. It should
be disposed of separately.
Please take it to an electrical
waste collection point.
Before using the headset, turn
the volume down to a mid-level
or very low, then slowly adjust it
to a comfortable level. Exposure
to high volume sound levels may
cause temporary or permanent
damage to your hearing. You
should always set your volume to
moderate levels and avoid long
exposure to high volume levels.
Contains small parts. Not suitable
for children under 7 years of age.
Store in a dry & dust free area.
Do not store in areas of extreme low
(0°C) or high (40°C) temperatures.
Avoid direct sunlight
and heat sources.
Do not allow the product to get wet or
dirty; doing so may cause damage.
Do not clean with benzene,
paint thinner, acetone, alcohol,
or other such solvents.
Do not take the product apart;
doing so will void your warranty
and may cause electrical shock or
damage to internal components.
Important : To help ensure risk-free operation please read
these Operational and Safety Guidelines before use:
For help with the set-up or operation
of this product please go to :

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